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A summary of the changes introduced in Visual Studio 2017
Part one of a four-part series of blogs

Visual Studio 2017 includes some clever new quick coding features, better debugging and a much better installation routine, as this blog explains.

  1. Installing and using Visual Studio 2017 (this blog)
  2. Installing Visual Studio 2017
  3. Installing SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2017
  4. Changes in Visual Studio 2017

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 January 2018

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Installing and using Visual Studio 2017

I suspect most people (like me) use Visual Studio for website and application development, and aren't too interested in things like gaming or Azure.  If you recognise yourself in this description, read on!

This blog covers the following:

Section Notes
Installing Visual Studio Changes to the way you install Visual Studio 2017
Installing SSDT Installing SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio 2017
Changes to VS 2017 A summary of the main changes for Visual Studio 2017

For those who just want a quick management summary: it's much nicer installing Visual Studio, debugging has improved and there are some cool "quick actions" to speed up coding!

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