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A summary of the changes introduced in Visual Studio 2017
Part three of a four-part series of blogs

Visual Studio 2017 includes some clever new quick coding features, better debugging and a much better installation routine, as this blog explains.

  1. Installing and using Visual Studio 2017
  2. Installing Visual Studio 2017
  3. Installing SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2017 (this blog)
  4. Changes in Visual Studio 2017

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 January 2018

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Installing SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2017

You can install these from here.  The opening screen gives a funky new icon:

The opening screen

Just do what the message says!

You can then choose into which copy of Visual Studio you want to install SSDT:

Choose a VS instance

I've got Visual Studio 2015 on my laptop, but it doesn't appear in this list because I've chosen to install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2017.

I've gone for the whole caboodle:

Choosing SQL Server features

Tick the features for which you want to install tools.

That's pretty much it!  Microsoft have gone to a lot of effort to make installing software easier than in the past, I'd say.

The installation itself, once started, however, seems to take ages - longer than the original installation of Visual Studio itself, in fact!

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