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A personal take on the best dozen Times crossword clues from the last 5 years
Part five of a thirteen-part series of blogs

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 December 2017

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9th position (from puzzle number 26796)

Another hidden clue is in 9th position on my list:

Club seals and we'd get hides (4,5)

The surface meanings of clues don't necessarily have to be politically correct, since they're not actually conveying a message (it's the cryptic reading of the clue which matters). 

The answer is SAND WEDGE, a golf club.  The phrase SEALS AND WE'D GET cleverly hides it.

Hidden clues can sometimes (if indicated thus) read backwards.  For example:

Puzzle Clue
25412 Shooting scene that's wheeled out from popular rock opera (2,6)

The hint that you should read backwards is contained in the words WHEELED OUT.  The answer is OK Corral, scene of a famous shoot-out.

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