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A personal take on the best dozen Times crossword clues from the last 5 years
Part nine of a thirteen-part series of blogs

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 December 2017

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5th position (from puzzle number 26111)

I'm excited!  We've now reached my top five clues from the last five years.  In 5th position is this beauty:

My dog's nose twitches (8)

I love clues like this: where you look at the clue and wonder how you could possibly read it in any other way than the obvious surface reading.  Then you notice the word twitches, which suggests that some letters need rearranging, and realise that the answer is GOODNESS (another exclamation, like My!).

Another excellent anagram clue which didn't quite make the top 12 is this one:

This paper's theme adapted for The Times, perhaps? (7)

The answer is ANAGRAM, of which this is an example.  Unbelievably, THIS PAPERS THEME is an exact anagram of THE TIMES PERHAPS

Sometimes you have to wonder just how long it took the setter to come up with a clue like this!

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