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A personal take on the best dozen Times crossword clues from the last 5 years
Part thirteen of a thirteen-part series of blogs

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 December 2017

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In 1st position (from puzzle 25482)

It's not the cleverest clue in this blog, but the surface reading conjures up a picture so tragic that for me it provides the best clue I've seen in the last five years:

For him art comes with a cost, unfortunately (8)

The answer is CASTRATO, the word for a male singer castrated before puberty.

The cognoscenti call this type of clue &Lit, in which the whole of the clue gives the word play and the whole of the clue also gives the definition.

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11 Jun 19 at 13:11

Also, CASTRATO is an angagram of (art + a cost) - that's what 'unfortunately' points towards I think.