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Skills assessment tests are now incorporated within the main Wise Owl website
You can now test your knowledge of software without leaving our website. The new site is nicer-looking, quicker and more secure, and above all gives much better reports (and makes them easier to save and share).

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 November 2017

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Skills Assessment tests now available on Wise Owl website

Since 2011 people have been able to test their IT skills on our sister site, and in that time nearly 300,000 people have completed one or more of our 20-question multiple-choice tests:

Skills assessment test statistics

Excel and Excel VBA tests are responsible for over half the total.

We're delighted to say that we've now brought these tests within the Wise Owl website (you can see them here) giving a host of advantages, as explained below.

The two sites share the same underlying database, so the tests, questions and results are common to both sites.

Advantage 1 - Much Better Reports

Here is a typical test report using the new site:

New site reports

You can see much more analysis of how you fared!

Advantage 2 - Quicker and Better

The new site has a cleaner, better-designed interface:

New interface

The website is easier to use and better laid out.

The site runs more quickly too.  Techies will be pleased to know that all of the underlying code has been converted from VB to C#, and optimised to use LINQ.

Advantage 3 - Tablets and SmartPhones

The new site uses responsive website design, so that it looks good whether you're viewing it on a desktop computer, notebook, iPad or SmartPhone:

Responsive design

If you're taking a test on a SmartPhone, use landscape orientation for best results.

Advantage 4 - Security

The new site uses https:

HTTPS prefix

The website address begins with https://, rather than http://.


This means that you won't get annoying security warnings if using the Chrome browser, for example.

Advantage 5 - Easier to Save Results

It's much easier to share test results on the new site:

Sharing options

You can save your results as a PDF file, or log them within your account on the Wise Owl website.

Advantage 6 - Easier to Share Results

You can now share your test scores with friends and colleagues:

Sharing buttons

You can easily share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

In the interests of balance, there is one disadvantage to using the new site: if you have paid for tests, people still need to do them using the old skills assessment site. We're hoping to bring paid accounts into the new site in the near future.

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