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Changes to the Wise Owl website account log-on features
There's now much more point in creating an account on our website, as it enables you not only to post to our forums, but also to get a monthly newsletter. This blog explains what the new options are, and how to get at them.

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 September 2017

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New Account Features for Wise Owl Website

Suddenly, there's a point to signing on to the Wise Owl website:

Sign on button

You've been able to sign on to our website using this button for some time now - there just hasn't been much point!

After going through a fairly standard sign-in screen (and confirming your account by clicking on a link emailed to you), you'll then see something like this:

Your account button

Obviously, your account name will be different ...

You can then do one of four things:

Menu for accounts

You can use the menu or the table of options to choose what to do.

Here's what the options allow you to do:

Option What it does
Posts List out any posts to which you've contributed (providing that your contributions were accepted by the oh-so-picky Wise Owl moderator).
Password Change your password.
Options Decide whether you want to get our monthly newsletter or not.  This email newsletter summarises blogs and videos we've published in the previous month, and gives hints and tips about using software (note that Wise Owl customers get a different newsletter, which is sent out roughly once a quarter).
Log off Sign out of the website (you have the chance to confirm this before proceeding).

Our intention is to add lots more features over the coming months and years, so please do let us know what you think!

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