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Publishing reports, editing them in Power BI Service and using dashboards/tiles
Part one of a six-part series of blogs

This blog shows how to publish reports that you've created in Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service. The blog also shows how you can create and edit reports online, how to create dashboards and add tiles, and how to get insights into your data.

  1. Using Power BI Service (publishing, dashboards, etc.) (this blog)
  2. Publishing to Power BI Service
  3. Creating and editing reports in Power BI Service
  4. Creating dashboards and basic tiles
  5. Adding tiles from other sources to a dashboard
  6. Analysing data within Power BI Service

This blog is part of a longer series, which together comprise a full online training course in Power BI Service.  You can see get details of our classsrom Power BI training courses here.

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 June 2017

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Using Power BI Service (publishing, dashboards, etc.)

There are two parts to Microsoft's Power BI tool.  One is Power BI Desktop, which is covered by our two-day course; the other is what you can do once you've published a report, which is the subject of this series of blogs.  Here's what I'll cover:

Topic Contents
Publishing How to publish reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service.
On-line editing How to create and edit reports within Power BI Service (ie online).
Dashboards How to create dashboards, by pinning tiles to them.
Content tiles Other types of tiles that you can add to dashboards within Power BI Service.
Analysing data How to use Quick Insights, and ask questions of data.

Separate parts of this online training on Power BI Service show how to share reports, apply security and how to control when and how (and if!) reports refresh

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