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Online Power BI Service training - publishing, sharing, refreshing data, etc
When you've created a report in Power BI Desktop, what happens next? This comprehensive online Power BI training shows how to publish reports, edit them online, get insights into your data, link to Excel, share reports, apply security, control what happens when you refresh your reports and much more!

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 June 2017

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Online training in how to use Power BI Service

We've run our two-day Power BI Desktop course for some time now, but it concentrates mostly on the process of creating a report:

Power BI report

A typical report - but how can you let others in your company see it?

Rather than run a separate Power BI Service course, we've decided to publish everything we know about Power BI Service in this on-line training blog:

Topic Notes
Power BI Service basics How to publish reports from Power BI Desktop, including creating dashboards and tiles, online editing, using quick insights and asking questions about data.
Links to Excel The many ways in which Power BI Service can interact with Excel.
App workspaces How to package your reports, dashboards and datasets into app workspaces (formerly known as content packs), and share these.
Sharing reports and dashboards How to share reports and/or dashboards that you've created with other people in your company.
Security How to make sure that people viewing your reports can't see data that they shouldn't.
Refreshing How to get your report to refresh automatically, and the rules governing when and how this happens.
Power BI Pro and Premium The paid services available in Power BI Desktop, when you will have to start spending money and the options available for doing this.

Happy reading!  You might like to bookmark this page: there's a lot to read in one session ...

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