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The most important changes included in the June 2017 Power BI Desktop update
Part four of a nine-part series of blogs

This update includes lots of nice features, such as line markers and the ability to change font typefaces, as well as many more changes!

  1. Changes for the June 2017 update for Power BI Desktop
  2. Data Bars in the Preview Table and Matrix Visualisations
  3. Chart Line Markers and Line Effects
  4. Making reports accessible to people with disabilities (this blog)
  5. Changes to maps
  6. Improvements to the Column by Example feature
  7. Horizontal slicers can now contain images
  8. Font family support for visuals
  9. Changes for combination charts

For a cumulative list of all of the updates to Power BI Desktop in the last few months, see this blog.

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 June 2017

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Making reports accessible to people with disabilities

Microsoft have introduced some features to Power BI Desktop to give help to people with disabilities.  As an example, you can specify alternative text for visualisations:

Alt text property

You can type text into this property, which will then be read by a screen reader when the visual is selected.


Microsoft have stated that they will add more accessibility help over the coming months.  For more on  what's included in this Power BI Desktop update for accessibility options, see the Microsoft update page.

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