We're excited to announce that from 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!
From 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!
A simple way to move a measure from one table to another
You can't drag and drop measures between tables, but there is an easy way to move them in Power BI Desktop, as this blog shows

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 June 2017

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How to move measures between tables

This won't change anyone's life, but it's a nice little tip I didn't know about (thanks, Sam).  Suppose you've created a measure in one table, and want to move it to another:

Moving a measure

You've created a measure called TotalSalesValue in the tblCentre table, but want to move it to the tblPurchase table.


To do this, first select the measure you want to move:

Select the measure

The measure we want to move.


Now choose a different home table for it on the Modeling tab of the ribbon:

Choose new table

Just choose which table you want the measure to belong to.

Power BI Desktop automatically redraws your field list:

New field list

The measure appears automatically in its new home.


Simple - but strangely satisfying!

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20 Nov 19 at 18:02

More often than not Wise Owl has the answers to most ignored questions on the internet especially in SQL Server or Power BI.  Thanks!

20 Nov 19 at 18:31

A pleasure!