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30 years in business
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Have you got any suggestions for future Wise Owl training courses?
Please let us know if you can think of any training course that you think we should be offering, but which isn't in our current portfolio.

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 September 2016

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Ideas for new Wise Owl courses

We try to keep the list of the courses we offer up to date.  That's why we'd love to hear your ideas for possible new courses!

Here are some possible course candidates, to provoke thought:

Course Notes
Tableau Everyone seems to be talking about this business information application.  Do you use it?  Would you be interested in classroom training in Tableau?
Other MIS programs While on the subject, how about QlikView?  Or SpotFire?  Or the BI tool that you use (and in this case, which is it)?
R Microsoft are investing heavily in this statistical analysis language (it's built into SQL Server 2016).  Wise Owl are one of the few companies with the expertise to train in this, but should we?
Advanced SSIS We already run a two-day Integration Services course, but should we offer an advance course for those who already know the basics?  And if so, any thoughts on what this should cover?
Excel add-ins / extras We already offer a host of Excel courses, but are we missing something?  Should we be offering courses on what-if analysis, say, or advanced charts?  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!
Tailored VBA courses We already offer introductory and advanced VBA courses, but is there scope for (say) a course on case studies showing how to solve specific problems using VBA, or perhaps for a VBA workshop (and if the latter, what form could this take)?
Microsoft Dynamics We've never trained in CRM systems before, but perhaps we should start?
Programming for mobile We already offer C# training to an advanced level, but maybe it's time to teach how to develop programs for Android, IoS and other mobile platforms?

The best course that we should offer is probably not in the list above, but in your head!  We'd love to hear from you ...

Please send your ideas to us using this form.  This is not a disguised way to market our services, so please let us know if you'd rather that we didn't reply to you (and read our no-pester guarantee).


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