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An analysis of the main new features in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016
Part six of a six-part series of blogs

Microsoft have put a lot of effort into SSRS 2016, including completely rewriting Report Manager (it's now called Web Portal) and creating separate software for publishing reports to mobiles. There are lots of new features to contemplate!

  1. What's new in Reporting Services 2016 (SSRS 2016)
  2. SSRS 2016 - the basic user interface for creating reports
  3. Report Manager becomes Reporting Services Web Portal
  4. Mobile Report Publisher in Reporting Services 2016
  5. Report Builder 2016 (Report Builder for SSRS 2016)
  6. Other new features in Reporting Services 2016 (this blog)

This is part of a wide-ranging blog explaining the new features in every part of SQL Server 2016.

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 July 2016

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Other new features in Reporting Services 2016

This page contains other improvements to SSRS 2016 which I couldn't shoe-horn into any other category.

New report format for PowerPoint

You can now save any report in PowerPoint format:

PowerPoint option

The new PowerPoint format option.


The result viewed in PowerPoint 2016:

PowerPoint report

By default you get a single slide.


If you set a page name for each group and page breaks between groups, you can get one slide for each set of data:

Slide per group

Here I'm showing the films for each director on a separate slide (you've long been able to do a similar thing for Excel workbooks).


R Analytics

R is the trendy statistical analysis language, and is now fully integrated into SQL Server 2016.  You can install the R client as a separate package to get this:

R in Visual Studio

When you run Visual Studio, you see this.

And that, I'm afraid, is all you get in this blog on R (it's next but one on the Wise Owl new course list!).

Report embedding

You can now embed mobile and paginated reports in other web pages by using an IFrame along with URL parameters. 

Previously you had to create a special report control, and embed this in an ASP.NET webpage - again, Microsoft are trying to make SSRS reports universally accessible, rather than relying on Microsoft technology and browsers.

Power BI and Reporting Services

You can now pin items to Power BI dashboards, although there are a few pre-requisites:

Requirement Notes
Power BI integration Your report server must be configured for Power BI integration.
RS web portal You can only pin items from the web portal (and not from Report Builder or the SSRS report designer).
Stored credentials You can only pin items if you're storing credentials within a report (when you pin an item, a subscription is automatically created to manage the data refresh of the item to the dashboard).

Here's what the pin tool looks like, to whet your appetite!

Pin tool

This tool will only appear when you've satisfied the pre-requisites shown above.


And with that, I've reached the end of this analysis of the new features in the impressive SSRS 2016!

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