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An analysis of the main new features in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016
Part four of a six-part series of blogs

Microsoft have put a lot of effort into SSRS 2016, including completely rewriting Report Manager (it's now called Web Portal) and creating separate software for publishing reports to mobiles. There are lots of new features to contemplate!

  1. What's new in Reporting Services 2016 (SSRS 2016)
  2. SSRS 2016 - the basic user interface for creating reports
  3. Report Manager becomes Reporting Services Web Portal
  4. Mobile Report Publisher in Reporting Services 2016 (this blog)
  5. Report Builder 2016 (Report Builder for SSRS 2016)
  6. Other new features in Reporting Services 2016

This is part of a wide-ranging blog explaining the new features in every part of SQL Server 2016.

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 July 2016

You need a minimum screen resolution of about 700 pixels width to see our blogs. This is because they contain diagrams and tables which would not be viewable easily on a mobile phone or small laptop. Please use a larger tablet, notebook or desktop computer, or change your screen resolution settings.

Mobile Report Publisher in Reporting Services 2016

This is an additional downloadable program which allows you to publish reports in responsive format, so that they look good on any screen (be it mobile, tablet or laptop).

Downloading Mobile Report Publisher (MRP)

You can do this from the Reporting Services web portal:

Downloading Mobile Report Publisher

You can download MRP from any browser.


This creates this application on your computer:

Mobile Report Publisher

The Mobile Report Publisher application.


Choosing your layout

You can choose a different layout for tablets and for mobile phones:

Choosing rows/columns

Each layout has a grid pattern.


You can drag one of three navigators into your grid:


Each of these is an application in its own right!



The gauges in Mobile Report Publisher put the ones in SSRS to shame:


The gauges available. Not only are there many more templates than in SSRS, but they're much easier to configure.


Gauges have clearly been completely rewritten, and are much simpler (which is a good thing):

Configuring a gauge

The properties for a typical gauge.


The charts in MRP more-or-less echo the ones in SSRS:


The chart types available.


Here are the properties for a pie chart, to give you an idea for what's possible:

Properties for a pie chart

The properties for a typical chart.

Data grids

These will be less important for a mobile phone than for a desktop report:

Data grids

The 3 data grids available in Mobile Report Publisher.



There are some impressive maps available too:


There's a serious amount of programming gone into creating these widgets.


Wise Owl Verdict

Moible Report Publisher is an incredibly powerful, easy to use way to publish visual reports to mobile phones.  I'm not quite sure whether it is intended to compete with core SSRS or complement it! 

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