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This blog summarises the (many) new features in Analysis Services 2016 (Tabular)
Part one of a five-part series of blogs

Microsoft have made lots of improvements to SSAS (Tabular model) - we particularly like the new DAX editor! This blog lists all of the most interesting changes, divided into 4 separate sections.

  1. What's new in Analysis Services 2016 (tabular model)? (this blog)
  2. Improvements to editing DAX in SSAS 2016 (Tabular Model)
  3. Changes to the DAX language in SSAS Tabular 2016
  4. Bi-directional / many-to-many relationships in Tabular 2016
  5. Other improvements to Analysis Services 2016 Tabular

This is part of a wide-ranging blog explaining the new features in every part of SQL Server 2016.

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 July 2016

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What's new in Analysis Services 2016 (tabular model)?

Microsoft have listened to Wise Owl!  Our number one request was a better DAX editor, and it's arrived!

I've divided the changes for SSAS Tabular into the following separate pages:

It gives me huge pleasure to begin with probably the single best thing Microsoft could have done: improved the DAX editor in SSAS Tabular.

If you're looking for a summary recommendation of whether it's worth upgrading to SQL Server 2016 if you work with tabular models, the answer is ... unequivocally yes.

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