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A quick summary of new features in Analysis Services multi-dimensional model
What's new for cubes (or Analysis Services multi-dimensional models, to give them their full title)? Virtually nothing, as this oh-so-short blog makes clear.

This is part of a wide-ranging blog explaining the new features in every part of SQL Server 2016.

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 July 2016

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What's new in SSAS Multi-Dimensional 2016 (Cubes)

As expected, Microsoft have made substantial changes to Analysis Services (Tabular Model) 2016, but the multi-dimensional model is (as far as I can see) unchanged. 

I've already blogged on the fact that I think you'd be mad to choose multi-dimensional SSAS over tabular SSAS (particularly when Microsoft are so obviously only investing in the latter).

As an example of what hasn't changed, here's a cube in SSAS 2016 (multi-dimensional model):

Cube in SSAS 2016

Creating a cube - like everything else - seems unchanged between SSAS 2012 and 2016.

Spot the difference?  Me neither.  About the only difference I can find for SSAS 2016 multi-dimensional model is that you can create distinct count measure groups.

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