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A strange error when using Web Extensions to auto-compile SASS
A short blog explaining a compile error I got using Web Extensions - here's hoping it saves someone else some time!

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 May 2016

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Web Extensions throws error when compiling SASS

Having wasted a couple of hours tracking this error down, I thought I'd share it in case I can help anyone else.  Here's my scenario:

Software Version
Visual Studio 2015
Web Extensions Not sure!

The symptom is that when I saved my SCSS files, I got this message:

Error message

Error reading values after )

Googling failed to throw up anything.

I've also tried CompileSass and Web Workbench, but neither gave good results.

After trial and error (disabling include files line by line), I eventually tracked down the error to this line:

// clients



// having this as !Important (capital I)

// stopped web extensions working (threw error)

background: darken($alpha,0%) !important;

color: white;

So it turns out a capital I cost me two hours of work! 

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