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Windows Forms or WPF ? Choosing software.
Part one of a three-part series of blogs

If you're developing software, should you use old-fashioned but reliable WinForms, or the exciting new concept, WPF?

  1. Windows Forms or WPF? (this blog)
  2. WinForms or WPF from the Developer's Point of View
  3. WinForms or WPF - from a Project Manager's Viewpoint

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 March 2012

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Windows Forms or WPF?

This blog has to some extent been superseded by this more recent one.

You're starting a new forms-based IT project.  What development platform should you use?  The choices are:

Platform Notes
WinForms Also called Windows Forms, this is the successor to VB6, and has been around for some time now.
WPF Short for Windows Presentation Foundation, the new technology from Microsoft for creating forms-based applications.

Personally, I'm not sure I'd choose either, but that's because I think website applications are easier to maintain and release.

Rather than trawl through the differences between WinForms and WPF, I thought I'd approach the question from 2 different vantage points: that of the developer and the manager for the project.  Let's start with the developer.


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