Finding missing WPF controls in the Toolbox
Sometimes the tool you need for a window isn't in the All WPF tools section of the toolbox - here's how to add it.

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 March 2012

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Missing Controls in WPF - "All Controls" Exclude Some!

More of a bloglet than a blog this, but it might help out someone who was in the same position as myself.

The Visual Studio Toolbox for WPF is confusing.  Although the title of it is All WPF Controls, that's not what it contains!

Toolbox showing all WPF controls

There's definitely a Polygon tool, for example, in WPF, but you won't see it by default in this list (it should come just above the ProgressBar shown selected).


If you want to use a tool but can't see it, you need to choose different items:

Choose Items... menu

Right-click on the All WPF Controls group in the Toolbox, and choose items as shown here.


You can then tick the tool you want to use:

Choosing Polygon tool

You can tick the tool you want to use.

Visual Studio then adds this tool into the available list, although not in alphabetical order:

Polygon control at bottom

The Polygon control is - unhelpfully - added to the bottom of the list.


Hope that helped someone!


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