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Why VB trumps C#, and how trolls don't agree!
I recently wrote a blog on why (I believe) VB is a better programming language than C# - I wasn't prepared for the flames this would unleash.

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 March 2012

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Of Trolls and Flames - My Experience of the Dark Side...

Most of the blogs on this site are technical, but just occasionally it's fun to share some experiences: and this blog is about how I've just been flamed (I think that's the correct word).

A troll

So that's what trolls are like ...


Here's my favourite comment so far:

Flame on blog

How can people get this upset?

It began when I wrote an article for Simple Talk on why VB is a better language than C#.  The article was tongue-in-cheek and humorous, although it does (I believe) contain germs of truth too.

The excellent editors at Simple Talk had warned me of what might follow, but I still wasn't prepared for it!  Here are some of my favourite comments so far:

  • "Nice troll! Very good work. No-one could be that much of a moron."
  • "This article just proves one thing, YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT C#" (my favourite comment, shown above).
  • "This is a terrible article based on opinion alone and unbalanced."
  • "...yer a complete idiot when it comes to C# and WiseOwl would benefit by giving you walking papers... "
  • "I'd say this article essentially shows you to be unemployable."
  • "I wish I could also write articles like you while drunk, stoned or both..."
  • "Glad you are a consultant and not a real developer doing anything useful. Just feel sorry for the people you "train"."

I thought I had to make a few observations:

  1. A lot of people said the blog was my opinion.  Of course it was!
  2. A lot of people said many of the differences were down to Visual Studio, not the underlying language; that's a fair comment (although I would have thought most programmers would develop in Visual Studio).
  3. A few people said that there are more C# programmers, and that they earn more.  That may be true, but it's irrelevant.

On reading the comments, the only point I'd withdraw is 5 (about autocompletion of properties).

Perhaps my next blog could be one why the FindAmusing method seems to be missing from the C# language ...


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