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10 Excel Quick Tips
Part ten of a ten-part series of blogs

Some tasks in Excel always seem to take longer than they should - if only you knew a bunch of quick shortcuts to speed up the simple things. Read on to see how much time you could save!

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  10. Excel Quick Tip #10 - Copying Days and Months (this blog)

Posted by Andrew Gould on 02 December 2011

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Excel Quick Tip #10 - Copying Days and Months

When you need a series of weekday names or month names you don't have to laboriously type in each one.  Just enter the starting day or month and let the AutoFill Handle do the rest!

  1. Type in the starting day or month name and then select that cell.
Day name Month name
The first day The first month
  1. Click and drag on the AutoFill handle to fill a series of day or month names.
Day series Month series
The series of days The series of months

You can do the same thing with short day and month names.  Try starting a list with Mon or Jan.

You can watch a video of this technique at Wise Owl's YouTube channel.

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