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Fixing page titles during scrolling in SSRS 2008 R2
Part two of a two-part series of blogs

As you scroll down a report, the titles at the top of the page will disappear - this blog shows how to prevent this happening. It's not as easy as you would think!

  1. Fixing Page Titles as you Scroll down an SSRS Report
  2. Fixing Top Rows when you Scroll a Report (this blog)

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 July 2011

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Fixing Top Rows when you Scroll a Report

The rest of this blog shows how to get fixed titles to work.

Getting the Table Design Correct

The first thing to do to solve this problem is to make sure you've designed your table correctly:

Table with titles rows selected

We've designed our table with a blank row at the top, so that the table doesn't shuffle up to the top of the page as you scroll down.


Invoking Advanced Mode for the Grouping Pane

The next thing to do is to ensure that you are using advanced mode in the grouping pane:

Tick box to choose Advanced Mode

Click on the symbol circled and choose Advanced Mode.

Changing Row Properties

What you now need to do for every row to be repeated is to change its properties.  First select the row in the grouping pane:

Grouping pane in advanced mode

When you click on the (Static) row in the groupng pane, SSRS shows that it is selected in the main report designer. Keep an eye on this to check you've got the right row selected.


Now change its FixedData property:

The FixedData property selected

Change the property shown to repeat the selected row on each new page.


Changing the Fill Colour from Transparent

If you change the property shown above for the top 4 rows of this table, you've almost solved the problem:

Titles showing as transparent when scrolling

The good news: some titles are visible. The bad news: some are not!


The final part of the jigsaw is to change the background colour of the top rows to white, not transparent:

The fill colour dialog box

Change the colour to white for any title row which doesn't already have a background colour.


Was it Worth it?

If you follow all of these steps, you'll get your titles to stay fixed at the top of the page - although you'll still see a jerky effect as you scroll down:

Titles staying visible while scrolling down

As you scroll down, the titles stay visible at the top of the page.


You could now read the companion blog on getting page titles to appear at the top of every page of a report as you page through it.

  1. Fixing Page Titles as you Scroll down an SSRS Report
  2. Fixing Top Rows when you Scroll a Report (this blog)
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