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Free tutorial - Gauges in SSRS Reporting Services
Part one of a six-part series of blogs

SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 introduced gauges, in all their dazzling compexity. This free tutorial blog shows how to create gauges, format their pointers and scales, add labels and much else besides.

  1. Free Tutorial on Reporting Services Gauges in SSRS (this blog)
  2. Creating Gauges
  3. Gauge Layout and Positioning in Reporting Services
  4. The Pointer, Scale and Range
  5. Gauge Labels in Reporting Services
  6. Other Ideas for Gauges in Reporting Services

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 July 2011

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Free Tutorial on Reporting Services Gauges in SSRS

Microsoft have introduced gauges in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2:

Report containing gauges

In this example report, the gauges are showing the budget for each film in a database, alongside its box office takings.


To understand why gauges are so powerful - too much so, in this owl's opinion - it helps to know that they were an add-in for previous versions of SSRS, created by a company called Dundas. 

For this tutorial in SSRS gauges, we'll go much of the way towards creating the gauge shown below:

Example of linear gauge

Virtually every part of this gauge has been customised

If you want to work with the data used for the above example, you can download the script to generate the database here (just run the script to create a new database called TopMovies in your SQL Server installation, containing a single table called tblMovie).

To start with, let's look at creating gauges in Reporting Services.


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