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What's new in Microsoft Office 2016 (including Excel 2016 changes)
Part five of a five-part series of blogs

The latest incarnation of Microsoft Office (2016) should be released on 22nd September 2015 (Microsoft are always a bit ahead of themselves with versions). This blog gives a detailed guide to what's new, the biggest changes being in Excel and Outlook.

  1. The Wise Owl take on Microsoft Office 2016
  2. General changes for Microsoft Office 2016
  3. What's new in Excel 2016
  4. What's new in Outlook 2016
  5. What's new in Access, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Word (this blog)

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 September 2015

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What's new in Access, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Word

The poor relations of Microsoft Office have received a few changes.  I haven't checked any of these, but they all seem pretty minor.

Application Change
Access Access seems to be frozen in time!
Project There is a new timeline view.
Visio There is a new "Getting started" tutorial, plus you can now link Visio diagrams to Excel data.
Word You can co-author documents online, although many people have reported problems getting this to work.

Note, however, that the general changes described earlier in this blog also apply to Access, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Word, so the situation's not quite as unchanged as the above list might suggest.

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