Displaying the Developer Ribbon in Excel 2010
This short blog shows how to display the Developer ribbon in Excel 2010 (it's different from Excel 2003 and Excel 2007!).

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 June 2011

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Showing the Developer Tab on the Ribbon in Excel 2010

Since I've just spent an irritating few minutes trying to find this out, I thought I'd share the answer!

What is the Developer Ribbon?

The Developer tab on the ribbon in Excel allows you to record and run macros in Visual Basic:

Diagram of Developer ribbon in Excel 2010

Part of the Developer Ribbon in Excel 2010


The only problem is, this tab isn't visible by default.  So if your copy of Excel 2010 doesn't look like the diagram above, here's how to change it!

The way you do this is different in Excel 2007 - see this blog for instructions.

Displaying the Developer Tab on the Ribbon

To display the Developer tab, first choose to customise the ribbon:

Right-clicking on Quick Access toolbar

Right-click on the Quick Access toolbar at the top left corner of Excel, and choose to customise the ribbon as shown here

You can now tick to display the Developer tab:

Tick to display the Developer ribbon

Tick the box to display the Developer tab (note that you have much more control over what to display than in Excel 2007)


You should now see the Developer tab on the ribbon!


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