Top 15 Short-Cut Keys in Microsoft Word
This isn't a comprehensive list of every short-cut key in Word - just a summary of the ones I'd consider most important.

Posted by Jenny Brown on 21 July 2011

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Top 15 Word 2007 Shortcut Keys

Looking for quicker ways to create documents in Word? We all know Ctrl + B for bold; but what about the less well-known ones?  Here's our list of 15 shortcuts you really should know in Word 2007:

Key Combination
What it Does
F4  or Ctrl+Y Repeat the last single action

CTRL + Z Undo the last action
Ctrl+T , Ctrl+Shift +T Add a hanging indent / remove a hanging indent

Alt+Shift+ Down Arrow Move selected text down

Alt+Shift+ Up Arrow Move selected text up
Ctrl+1 , Ctrl +2 , Ctrl +5 Single line spacing, double line spacing,
1.5 line spacing

Alt +Shift+D Insert the current date
Ctrl +Shift+Spacebar Insert a space that won't word wrap
(non-breaking space)

Ctrl +Enter Insert a page break

Ctrl+A Select all - everything in the current document

F7 Spelling and grammar check

Remove paragraph formats
Ctrl +Spacebar
 Remove character (font) formats
Ctrl +Shift +N Set the Normal style
SHIFT + F3 Change the case of selected text
(from upper to lower to proper case)
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