Baseline Taskbar bug in Microsoft Project 2010
Have your Baseline Taskbars ever disappeared when using the Tracking Gantt view in Microsoft Project 2010? If so, this short blog explains why!

Posted by Michael Allsop on 01 July 2011

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Baseline taskbars disappearing in Tracking Gantt view

One of the main aspects of Microsoft Project is the ability to track and report on a project plan, whether this be via the built in Reports feature or by simply formatting the Gantt chart to print out and share with colleagues. However, there is an unfortunate bug in one of the most important reporting tools, the Tracking Gantt, in Project 2010.

If you create a baseline for a task that starts or finishes during the middle of the day, Project will round up the baseline taskbar to fill the whole day by default, as shown below:

Tracking Gantt view showing Baseline in Project 2010

On the Tracking Gantt above, the grey taskbars show the Baseline details

This may not be an accurate enough visual representation in some circumstances, in which case it should be easy to change the formatting with the following dialog box:

The Layout dialogue box in Project 2010

The Layout dialog box can be reached by right-clicking on the Gantt Chart and choosing: Layout

By unchecking the option to Round bars to whole days you would imagine that this would format the Baseline taskbars to mirror the length of the normal taskbars, shown in blue and red on the first diagram. Unfortunately, this is not so...

What you actually end up with is shown below:

Tracking Gantt view with missing Baseline taskbars

The Baseline data is still in the project plan but the taskbars have disappeared!

This does not mean that you have deleted your Baseline data or that Project is no longer calculating the variance between the Baseline and your actual values, it just means that Project 2010 cannot cope with showing the Baseline taskbars unless they are rounded to whole days!

We'll keep a beady eye out for any updates or bug-fixes from Microsoft that might sort out this problem - but in the meantime, just remember that the Tracking Gantt view has this rather serious limitation!


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