Changing the Legend in a Microsoft Project Gantt Chart
Have you ever wondered how to change the items that appear in the legend when you print a Gantt Chart in MS Project? Did you even know that you could?! It isn't the most intuitive method, but this blog shows you how to apply a little more control to your printed Gantt charts.

Posted by Andrew Gould on 06 June 2011

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Changing the Legend in a Microsoft Project Gantt Chart

There are lots of annoying things about printing in Microsoft Project, but one of the most annoying is the apparent inability to change what appears in the legend.  Well, it might not be the most obvious of solutions, but there is a way to control this.  Read on to find out how!

The default legend

This is what we want to change!

Customising a Bar Style

The slightly obscure way you control whether a particular item appears in the legend is by customising a bar style in the Gantt Chart view.  To do this, from the menu select: Format -> Bar Styles...

The Bar Styles dialog box

As you scroll through the list of bar styles, you'll notice that some items begin with an asterisk - it's these styles that don't appear in the legend when you print a Gantt Chart.


To stop a particular item appearing in the legend when you print a Gantt Chart, you simply need to type an asterisk in front of its name!

Editing bar styles

Here we've added an asterisk to the start of the Split and Progress bar styles.  This means that they won't show up in the legend the next time we print.


To check if this works you can go into a print preview and look at the legend at the bottom of the screen.

The modfied legend


You now know perhaps the most obscure (but hopefully useful!) thing about Microsoft Project!

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