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Using Calendars in Microsoft Project 2010

Posted by Andrew Gould on 02 March 2012

You can't do much in Microsoft Project without understanding how calendars work. Calendars control when work is allowed to happen, so it's important to set them up properly before you start planning your tasks. This blog teaches you how.

Using VBA in Microsoft Project to Set Up Unusual Calendars

Posted by Andrew Gould on 01 July 2011

Setting up a pattern of working time in a Project calendar is simple enough when your week runs from Monday to Sunday, but when you have an unusual working pattern setting up the calendar is a pain! This article explains how to use VBA to create a detailed calendar at the click of a button!

Tags:   Project | Calendars, Gantt    |    Writing VBA | Other

Changing the Legend in a Microsoft Project Gantt Chart

Posted by Andrew Gould on 06 June 2011

Have you ever wondered how to change the items that appear in the legend when you print a Gantt Chart in MS Project? Did you even know that you could?! It isn't the most intuitive method, but this blog shows you how to apply a little more control to your printed Gantt charts.

Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Project Gantt Charts

Posted by Andrew Gould on 01 June 2011

Formatting Gantt Charts in Microsoft Project is a time-consuming process. This blog series explains how to create task bars that format themselves as you change information in the table.

Tags:   Project | Calendars, Gantt    |    Project | Custom fields

Rolling Up Tasks in Microsoft Project

Posted by Andrew Gould on 31 May 2011

When you collapse a group of tasks in a Microsoft Project schedule you lose the ability to see the detail of when individual tasks start and finish. The solution is to roll up your subtasks so that you can see them even when the task group has been collapsed.

Tags:   Project | Calendars, Gantt    |    Project | Scheduling tasks
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