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How to pick out the first and last dates for a given group using DAX

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 October 2016

It's often challenging working out how to use DAX to solve specific problems. This blog shows how to produce a pivot table showing the first and last instances of any category.

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Creating an exchange rate slicer in PowerPivot

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 March 2016

A way to create a slicer in PowerPivot to choose which exchange rate to use (ie for which currency to show results).

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How PowerPivot differs from SSAS Tabular, and using it to prototype data models

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 February 2016

PowerPivot is virtually identical to SSAS Tabular underneatht the glossy exterior, but it has got a few extra features explained in this blog (which also shows how to import PowerPivot data models into Analysis Services, and why you might want to do this).

Once you've loaded a Power Query, how do you change your load options?

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 April 2015

When you've created a Power Query in Excel, you can close it and load the resultant data. But how do you then change how the query loads? This blog explains how!

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