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How to use an unpivot transform in Power BI Desktop (or PowerPivot) Query Editor

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2018

If you get data in pivot (two-dimensional) form, you can unpivot it to get the underlying rows, and hence produce charts and visuals. This blog shows how!

Tags:   PowerPivot | Power Query    |    Power BI | Query editor

How to write an M formula to convert Julian dates using Power Query

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 December 2017

This short blog explains how to convert Julian dates to "normal" ones, and how the formula used actually works!

Tags:   PowerPivot | Power Query    |    Power BI | Query editor

Loading live web data into Excel without writing VBA code to scrape HTML

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 August 2017

Need to get tables of data into Excel from a website? There's no need to write lots of VBA code to scrape the site - just use Power Query to create a live link to the relevant page(s).

Tags:   Excel | PowerPivot    |    PowerPivot | Power Query

Combine all the files in a folder into a single table using Power Query

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 February 2017

Sure, you can use Power Query (or Get & Analyze, as it's now called) to load and transform data, but did you know you can loop over all of the files in a folder, combining their data into a single set of results? This blog explains how to do this for CSV files, and gives a lead for how to proceed with Excel ones.

Tags:   PowerPivot | Power Query

How to pick out the first and last dates for a given group using DAX

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 October 2016

It's often challenging working out how to use DAX to solve specific problems. This blog shows how to produce a pivot table showing the first and last instances of any category.

Tags:   Excel | PowerPivot    |    PowerPivot | PowerPivot

Which Power BI course should you take - Excel Power BI or Power BI Desktop?

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 July 2016

Microsoft are pursuing two separate BI lines at the moment: one for the Power BI tools which run within Excel, and another for the standalone application called Desktop Power BI. This blog attempts to explain the differences between two applications with such confusingly similar names!

Tags:   Excel | PowerPivot    |    PowerPivot | General    |    Power BI | General

Creating an exchange rate slicer in PowerPivot

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 March 2016

A way to create a slicer in PowerPivot to choose which exchange rate to use (ie for which currency to show results).

Tags:   PowerPivot | PowerPivot

How PowerPivot differs from SSAS Tabular, and using it to prototype data models

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 February 2016

PowerPivot is virtually identical to SSAS Tabular underneatht the glossy exterior, but it has got a few extra features explained in this blog (which also shows how to import PowerPivot data models into Analysis Services, and why you might want to do this).

A tutorial on how to create Power View reports based on SSAS tabular models

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 December 2015

Power View is an add-in included within Excel 2013 and later versions. This tutorial shows how to create Power View reports based on Analysis Services tabular models.

Useful links and downloads for our video tutorials on Power BI applications

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 April 2015

This blog is provided to support our series of tutorials on PowerPivot, Power Query, Power View and Power Map.

Tags:   PowerPivot | General

Once you've loaded a Power Query, how do you change your load options?

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 April 2015

When you've created a Power Query in Excel, you can close it and load the resultant data. But how do you then change how the query loads? This blog explains how!

Tags:   PowerPivot | PowerPivot
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