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Windows Forms or WPF ? Choosing software.

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 March 2012

If you're developing software, should you use old-fashioned but reliable WinForms, or the exciting new concept, WPF?

Tags:   WPF | General    |    WinForms | General

Importing Bank Holidays into the Outlook Calendar

Posted by Michael Allsop on 03 January 2012

A quick guide to adding public holidays to the Calendar in Outlook 2010.

Tags:   Outlook | General topics

Choosing Colours In Microsoft Office Applications

Posted by Andrew Gould on 19 September 2011

Have you ever been asked to reproduce your company's brand colours in your latest PowerPoint presentation, or wanted to use your corporate font colours in your latest Word report? This blog will show you how to pick your colours accurately in any of the standard Microsoft Office applications.

Tags:   Excel | Formatting    |    Word | Formatting

Changing Form Appearance in Access 2007 and 2010

Posted by Andrew Gould on 07 September 2011

If you've upgraded from Access 2003 to either Access 2007 or 2010 you might be wondering why your forms don't look like forms any more. Read this blog to see how to change a simple setting that will return your forms to their normal state!

Review of VB.NET Data Storage Structures

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 August 2011

There are a bewildering array (excuse the pun) of data storage structures available to you in Visual Basic. Choose from arrays, ArrayLists, SortedLists, Dictionaries, HashTables, Lists and DataTables, among others. This blog gives an example of each type of structure, and benchmarks them to show which perform best and worst.

Changing Visual Studio default settings for ASP.NET

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 August 2011

Visual Studio is a great tool for developing websites using ASP.NET - it can be made even greater by tweaking some default settings. Use this blog to change the default start-up options, assign a navigate backward key, insert attribute quote marks and open pages in HTML view by default.

Inserting in-line keys in HTML using CSS

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 July 2011

Getting keyboard keys to display properly in HTML can be hard. This blog shows two ways which don't work, and one way (using CSS, inevitably) which seems to do the trick.

Tags:   HTML and CSS | HTML    |    HTML and CSS | CSS

Using SQL UNION queries to populate the first Item in a list type control

Posted by David Wakefield on 31 May 2011

Adding a first or default item to a list control which gets its data from a table can be tricky. This blog gives an elegant solution using UNION queries, which works equally well for ASP.NET dropdown controls, Windows Forms dropdowns or Access combo boxes.

Tags:   SQL | Selecting data    |    Access | Forms and subforms    |    ASP.NET webforms | ADO.NET and data    |    T-SQL | Other

Visual Studio - Recent projects not Showing Up

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 May 2011

It's been irritating the author for a long time now that some websites weren't showing up as recent projects in the Visual Studio FILE menu.  The reason is that they didn't have an associated solution - this article shows how to create a blank solution and add your project to it, thereby removing the irritation!

Access project ADP file extended properties error

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2011

When you try to view data for a table in an Access project with an ADP extension, Access can throw a wobbly. Here's why!

Tags:   Access | Tables and fields    |    SQL | General    |    T-SQL | Other
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