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Useful links and downloads for our video tutorials on Power BI applications

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 April 2015

This blog is provided to support our series of tutorials on PowerPivot, Power Query, Power View and Power Map.

Once you've loaded a Power Query, how do you change your load options?

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 April 2015

When you've created a Power Query in Excel, you can close it and load the resultant data. But how do you then change how the query loads? This blog explains how!

Using DAX Studio to edit calculated fields or measures in Excel

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 February 2015

The editor for calculated fields in Excel (aka measures) isn't the greatest; this blog shows you how to install and use DAX Studio as a substitute editor.

Tags:   Excel | PowerPivot    |    PowerPivot 2010 | DAX

Ideas for encrypting data in transit in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 February 2015

How can you encrypt data flowing within an Integration Services package? We don't think you can, but here are a couple of ideas.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

How to send an email to every person in a SQL Server table

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 January 2015

This blog explains how to send an email to every person returned from a SQL query.

Tags:   SSIS | General SSIS

How to refer to parameters by name, not number, in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 January 2015

Referring to parameters by their numeric position in a list in SSIS is relatively easy, but there is a way to refer to them by name too, as explained in this blog.

Tags:   SSIS | Parameters

Getting at file attributes from FOREACH loop in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 January 2015

SSIS makes it easy to loop over files, but it's less obvious how to get at file attributes such as the date created or last modified date. To do this you'll need a scripting task, as explained by this blog.

Tags:   SSIS | Files and folders

How to insert ActiveX controls after CANNOT INSERT OBJECT message

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 January 2015

When using Excel, we owls have had problems inserting ActiveX objects after recent security updates. Here's a solution which worked for us!

Tags:   VBA macros | User forms    |    Writing VBA | Other

What's new in Analysis Services 2012 versus 2008 R2

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 December 2014

If you're creating multidimensional models (as you probably will be), Analysis Services has barely changed between versions 2008 R2 and 2012 - and the small differences are mostly in the favour of the older version. This blog plays spot-the-difference between Analysis Services 2008 R2 and 2012.

Steps to follow when creating a new flat file in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 December 2014

Using an existing flat file in SSIS is straightforward, but creating a new one can be a pain - this blogs gives some steps to follow.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

A short blog showing that SSIS 2014 is the same as 2012

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2014

Possibly the shortest Wise Owl blog, listing the changes between Integration Services 2012 and 2014 (there aren't any!).

A detailed blog exploring what's new in SSIS 2012

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2014

If you're wondering whether to upgrade to Integration Services 2012, or just want to know what differences there are between SSIS 2008 R2 and 2012, this blog should help you!

Addiction to the 2048 mobile phone app

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 October 2014

One owl's sad story of addiction to a simple computer game: a tale of lost time and lost sanity.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Teacher training: learning how to code at school

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 October 2014

How Wise Owl training courses can help teachers to fulfil the new UK National Curriculum requirement to teach all schoolchildren how to program.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

VBA code to create a chart and textbox, and copy them to Word

Posted by Andy Brown on 03 October 2014

Charts in VBA are a bit weird: this blogs highlights some of their foibles, by showing how charts are really just special shapes, which contain shapes of their own!

Tags:   VBA macros | References    |    VBA macros | Working with charts

Programmatically searching websites using VBA

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 September 2014

I've already pinched (with permission!) the ideas of Fergus Cairns to explain ways to run automatic searches on popular websites like Google; this blog gives an update on the same topic.

Tags:   VBA macros | References    |    Writing VBA | Other

What does the SCD transform in SSIS do, and should you use it?

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 July 2014

Integration Services include a Slowly Changing Dimension transform, which is designed to make loading dimension data easier. This blog explains how it works, and discusses whether it achieves its objectives.

Tags:   SSIS | SCD transforms

How C# beat VB to take the programming language crown

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 June 2014

This blog explains why Wise Owl have gone over to the dark side, and now program in C#

Tags:   Visual Basic | General coding    |    Visual C# | General

Revealing how Excel workbooks are actually stored as zipped XML files

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 May 2014

Did you know that Excel workbooks are really just a collection of XML files, all zipped together? We didn’t either, so we thought we'd tell the world.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings    |    Excel | General

Thoughts on working with SSIS 2008 and SSIS 2012

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 March 2014

Some thoughts and advice to those who have to shuffle between versions 2012 and 2008 of Integration Services.

Tags:   SSIS | General SSIS
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