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How to create a simple website in ASP.NET MVC

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 June 2014

This blog explains the steps you'll need to follow to create a simple one page website in ASP.NET MVC. The aim of the blog is not to act as a tutorial, but to help people choose between ASP.NET MVC and classic ASP.NET.

Tags:   ASP.NET webforms | General    |    ASP.NET MVC | General

Generate the database used by the ASP.NET training blog

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 October 2012

This mini-blog provides a means to generate the database used by our online ASP.NET tutorial.

Tags:   ASP.NET webforms | General    |    SQL | General    |    T-SQL | Other

Creating master pages, CSS, skins and themes

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 May 2012

How to create the perfect ASP.NET website, including using master pages, CSS style sheets, and whether to use skins and themes or not.

Tutorial - creating the perfect ASP.NET website

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 April 2012

This free online tutorial shows how to create the perfect website using ASP.NET using Visual Basic or Visual C#, user controls, styles, master pages, gridviews, data classes and stored procedures.

Tags:   Visual Basic | ASP.NET specific    |    Visual C# | ASP.NET specific    |    ASP.NET webforms | General
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