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How to use security roles to restrict access to your SSAS Tabular model

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 February 2016

Perspectives in Analysis Services let you show different parts of your tabular model to different people, but they don't have any security. To ensure that the right eyes see the right bits of your model, you'll need to create and manage security roles, as explained in this blog.

Administrator access to a tabular Analysis Services instance

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 February 2016

This blog gives an outline of how to add administrators to an instance of SSAS, and how to set whether some accounts are automatically made administrators by default.

Using tabular model perspectives to restrict which tables a user sees

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 February 2016

Perspectives in SSAS tabular are windows which allow you to control who sees which bits of your model. They're really easy to set up, as this blog shows, but aren't a substitute for setting security roles.

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