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How to get data from tabular models using DAX queries in various programs

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 February 2016

Knowing how to write DAX queries is one thing, but where are you going to use them? This blog shows how you can integrate DAX queries into SSMS, SSRS, SSIS, Excel and PowerPivot.

How to write queries in DAX to interrogate SSAS tabular models

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 February 2016

As well as creating measures to aggregate data in tabular models using DAX, you can also write queries to extract data - this blog shows you how!

A technique to group measures together so they can be added with one click

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 February 2016

If you've worked with date measures (or any others) in DAX for a while, you'll know they can clutter up your pivot table. This clever technique allows you to tick a single box to add lots of measures into a pivot table in one go.

How to use the RANKX function in DAX measures to sort data

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 January 2016

The RANKX function is one way (probably the best one) to sort data. It's not the world's easiest function to understand, but this blog explains the pitfalls.

How to use the FILTER function in DAX to filter tables

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 January 2016

Although the CALCULATE function is by more useful (and often easier to understand), DAX programmers should also learn about the FILTER function. This provides another way to change the query context for any aggregation.

How to use the CALCULATE function in DAX measure formulae

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 January 2016

The CALCULATE function is the most important one in DAX. This blog shows you how to use it to replace, remove and amend the query context for a measure (and also explains what this sentence means!).

Using DAX Studio or DAX Editor as add-ins to create measures in SSAS Tabular

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 January 2016

The built-in DAX formula editor in SSAS Tabular leaves a lot to be desired. This blog shows how to install and use two of the most useful third-party add-ins: DAX Editor and DAX Studio.

A must-read DAX primer on how to create measures (including query context)

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 January 2016

To create formulae in SSAS Tabular you need to learn DAX, the language used for creating measures. This blog shows the basic syntax of DAX, and explains how SSAS Tabular uses query context in a pivot table to aggregate data correctly.

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