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How to use DAX date-based functions in Analysis Services tabular model

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 February 2016

There are some wonderful date functions in DAX, with evocative names like TotalYtd, SamePeriodLastYear and ParallelPeriod. This blog shows how to use DAX date functions to summarise data, assuming that you have already created a calendar table.

Ways to model different DAX calendar date situations

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 January 2016

In the real world (or at least, the DAX version of it), calendars and dates aren't quite as simple as one would like. This blog shows how to solve a number of common scenarios, including where different tables have different levels of "granularity", coping with special days like bank holidays, handling non-standard finanical year-end dates and dealing with a table which contains more than one date column.

How to create a calendar in SSAS Tabular to summarise by dates

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 January 2016

Analysis Services has lots of wonderful DAX functions like TOTALYTD and SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR which allow you to summarise your results by date, but to get them to work you'll need to create and use a calendar table first. This blog explains how, and why.

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