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Changing Form Appearance in Access 2007 and 2010

Posted by Andrew Gould on 07 September 2011

If you've upgraded from Access 2003 to either Access 2007 or 2010 you might be wondering why your forms don't look like forms any more. Read this blog to see how to change a simple setting that will return your forms to their normal state!

Using SQL UNION queries to populate the first Item in a list type control

Posted by David Wakefield on 31 May 2011

Adding a first or default item to a list control which gets its data from a table can be tricky. This blog gives an elegant solution using UNION queries, which works equally well for ASP.NET dropdown controls, Windows Forms dropdowns or Access combo boxes.

Tags:   SQL | Selecting data    |    Access | Forms and subforms    |    ASP.NET webforms | ADO.NET and data    |    T-SQL | Other
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