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Access 2013 - an overview of the new web app feature

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 January 2014

Access 2013 will still look familiar to existing Access users, but it now includes the facility to develop and publish web applications. This blog explains the thinking behind Microsoft's radical move.

Designing databases for SQL Server and Access

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 April 2012

Designing relational databases is easy once you learn the few basic rules, and the procedure is identical whether you're using SQL Server or Access. This blog illuminates the subject!

Tags:   Access | Designing databases    |    SQL | Tables and columns    |    T-SQL | SQL Tutorial

Why the Easter Bunny prefers SQL Server to Access

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 March 2012

The Easter Bunny stores his distribution data in SQL Server, not Access; read why!

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