Onsite Power BI Tools training at your office!

To give you an idea of what's possible, here are the 10 most recent tailored (onsite) Excel Power BI Tools and Desktop Power BI courses that we've run:

Course Days Postal town Sector
Power BI Desktop 2 Derby Energy, chemicals and mining
Power BI Desktop 2 Derby Voluntary sector
Power BI Desktop 2 Derby Health
Power BI Desktop 2 Stockport Health
Power BI Desktop 2 Exeter Local government
Excel Power BI Tools 2 London West Central Transport/logistics
Mihita - PowerPivot 1 London South east Accountants and consultants
Power BI Desktop 2 Swindon Legal
Power BI Desktop 2 Manchester Education/training
PowerPivot / Excel Power BI 2 Twickenham Manufacturing/engineering

If you're thinking of arranging a training course for your company (whether at one of our venues, or at your own offices), then send us a note stating what you want to achieve and we'll do our best to help you!

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