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SSAS - Multidimensional (3 days)

£895 + VAT for most venues (£995 + VAT for London)

SQL Server Analysis Services now comes in two varieties: multidimensional or tabular models. This course covers the former (creating multidimensional models, which until version 2012 was the only method possible in SSAS).

This 3-day course shows you how to build "cubes" of the data tied up in your data warehouse or day-to-day transactional database, and use these to monitor KPIs, perform data-mining and much more. On the course you'll learn how to create dimensions and hierarchies, how to build and deploy cubes, and how to write MDX to analyse your data.

Course details

  • Locations for SSAS - Multidimensional coursesLocations:Manchester, London
  • Next SSAS - Multidimensional course locationNext course:Wed 28 June 2017
  • SSAS - Multidimensional course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

Multi-dimensional models

  • Training topicOLAP and OLTP
  • Training topicWhat are cubes?

Visual Studio primer

  • Training topicConfiguring Visual Studio
  • Training topicCreating a project
  • Training topicCreating a data source

Data Source Views

  • Training topicKeys and relationships
  • Training topicExploring data
  • Training topicNamed queries
  • Training topicNamed calculations


  • Training topicThe dimension wizard
  • Training topicAttribute hierarchies
  • Training topicDeploying dimensions

Publishing dimensions and cubes

  • Training topicDeploying
  • Training topicProcessing
  • Training topicHandling deployment errors

Basic Cubes

  • Training topicUsing the cube wizard
  • Training topicThe cube designer
  • Training topicFiltering cubes

Star and snowflake schemas

  • Training topicThe 2 types of schema
  • Training topicWhich to use

Hierarchies and Relationships

  • Training topicNatural hierarchies
  • Training topicUnnatural hierarchies
  • Training topicAttribute relationships
  • Training topicSuppressing hierarchies

Parent-child Hierarchies

  • Training topicThe self-join needed
  • Training topicTidying up the dimensions
  • Training topicLimitations

Time dimensions

  • Training topicCreating a time dimension
  • Training topicAutogenerating
  • Training topicCreating time hierarchies


  • Training topicMeasures and measure groups
  • Training topicFormatting measures
  • Training topicDimension usage
  • Training topicMultiple measure groups

Advanced dimensions

  • Training topicRole-playing dimensions
  • Training topicReferenced dimensions


  • Training topicCreating calculations
  • Training topicFormatting calculations
  • Training topicBasic MDX expressions

Writing MDX Queries

  • Training topicUsing axes
  • Training topicDefault and multiple measures
  • Training topicSets and named sets
  • Training topicTuples
  • Training topicWHERE clauses

MDX Expressions

  • Training topicYear-to-date
  • Training topicRatios
  • Training topicPrevious period comparisons
  • Training topicRanking


  • Training topicKey Performance Indicators
  • Training topicStatus and trend expressions
  • Training topicUsing KPIs in client tools
  • Training topicKPI functions

Using client software

  • Training topicUsing Excel as a client
  • Training topicUsing Reporting Services

Cube actions

  • Training topicCreating URL click-throughs
  • Training topicDrill-through actions

Mining Models

  • Training topicCreating a mining structure
  • Training topicDecision trees - example
  • Training topicClustering - example
  • Training topicReviewing model accuracy

Data-mining algorithms

  • Training topicThe 9 types of algorithm
  • Training topicWhen to use each algorithm

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Sample customer feedback

"Best IT based course I have ever been on ever! Well paced and engaging as well as informative. Thanks."

Joanna McGurk (Voith Turbo Ltd.)

"Very good presentation of course content, well delivered with practical examples to work through during sessions. Small classes sizes and central location definite an asset with decent lunches a massive bonus! Looking forward to the next course. "

Jennifer Alexander (Pipex)

"I absolutely loved the SSRS 2008 R2 course ! The trainer was great – giving one-to-one attention to all the delegates and taking it upon himself to find and provide answers to trickier questions –, the pace was just right for me and the content was comprehensive. All in all, a fantastic course ! Thank you very much for it!"

Angeliki Antonarou (NHS Leeds West CCG)

"Very happy with everything - was worried about not understanding it all - but everything made perfect sense."

Sam Stonier (Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service)

"Excellent all round – splendid lunch too (no horrible buffet food!). The course was led by a very friendly trainer and I learned everything I wanted to and more. I found the Visual Studio course so good, I came back the next month to do the SQL course as well. Now I'm looking forward to the SQL Stored Procedures follow-up course."

Jonathan Aitchison (Cumbria & Lancashire CLRN )

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

You should only attend this course if you have either attended our two-day introduction to SQL course or if you are comfortable creating queries using SQL. You should also have a good understanding of what a relational database means.

This course is suitable for those using either SQL Server 2012 or 2008 R2 (there are very few differences between the versions, at least for multi-dimensional models).

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