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C# Training

Introduction to Visual C# (2 days)

£650 + VAT for most venues (£795 + VAT for London)

If you're just starting to learn how to program in Visual C#, this is the course for you! The course spends the minimum amount of time on the user interface, and instead concentrates on the things you'll need to know, such as declaring variables, writing conditions, looping and using lists.

Course details

  • Locations for Introduction to Visual C# coursesLocations:London, Manchester
  • Next Introduction to Visual C# course locationNext course:Thu 23 February 2017
  • Introduction to Visual C# course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

Creating forms

  • Training topicDrawing controls
  • Training topicFormatting forms

Coding form events

  • Training topicForms and their events
  • Training topicThe two event arguments

Laying out your code

  • Training topicCommenting out code
  • Training topicUsing regions

C# variables

  • Training topicCreating and using variables
  • Training topicThe types of variable

Covered if time allows If time

Enumerations and constants

  • Training topicEnumerations
  • Training topicConstants


  • Training topicUsing IF and ELSE
  • Training topicThe SWITCH statement

Modular code

  • Training topicPassing arguments
  • Training topicWriting functions


  • Training topicUsing arrays
  • Training topicSplitting text


  • Training topicLooping n times
  • Training topicWHILE loops
  • Training topicLooping over collections

Files and folders

  • Training topicStream readers and writers
  • Training topicThe USING statement
  • Training topicFileInfo and DirectoryInfo

Debugging and trapping errors

  • Training topicThe TRY clause
  • Training topicStepping through code
  • Training topicSetting breakpoints

Using lists

  • Training topicPopulating lists
  • Training topicFinding items

Properties in C#

  • Training topicRO, WO and RW properties
  • Training topicCoding properties

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Sample customer feedback

"Everything all good. Well prepared and well explained."

Lawrence Pearse (Useful Data)

"Good, interesting and engaging exercises. Very friendly trainer. "

Mark Beeforth (Bifold FluidPower Limited)

"A very good course. Again, what sets Wise Owl apart from other courses I've been on is their ability to customise examples and training to the client's individual needs and not just work through a manual, rigidly sticking to that content."

Nick Whitehead (Bifold FluidPower Limited)

"Really enjoyed this course. The trainer made this interesting and informative and his enthusiastic approach has definitely made me enthusiastic too!"

Jacky Marquis (NHBC)

"Absolutely great course. Learnt loads. Really was a score of 10/10!"

Steve Mason (PR Moves)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

You'll find this course easier if you've done some programming in other languages, but this isn't a prerequisite.

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