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Excel Business Modelling (2 days)

£650 + VAT for most venues (£795 + VAT for London)

How many of the following boxes can you tick?

  1. You know Excel well, and use it every day?
  2. You work with financial models?
  3. You know how to create an IF function, but struggle with MATCH?

This two-day course is aimed at those who need to build or work with financial models in Excel. On this course you'll learn best-practice techniques for building models, using range names more than you could ever conceive, and you'll find out about functions like MATCH, INDEX and SUMPRODUCT. Oh, and on the way you'll learn tons of short-cut keys and tips and tricks, we promise!

Course details

  • Locations for Excel Business Modelling coursesLocations:Manchester, London
  • Next Excel Business Modelling course locationNext course:Wed 19 April 2017
  • Excel Business Modelling course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

Building models

  • Training topicWhat makes a good formula
  • Training topicSeparating inputs and calculations
  • Training topicMaintaining constant periodicity

Range names and absolute references

  • Training topicFixing cell references ($)
  • Training topicFixing rows/columns only
  • Training topicRange names
  • Training topicLabelling ranges


  • Training topicAvoiding the IF function
  • Training topicCreating a mask


  • Training topicUsing the default styles
  • Training topicCreating custom styles
  • Training topicUsing styles with protection

Formatting numbers and dates

  • Training topicStandard number formats
  • Training topicCreating custom formats
  • Training topicDates and times
  • Training topicScaling, colours and underscores

Conditional formatting

  • Training topicCreating/using cell rules
  • Training topicData bars and colour sets


  • Training topicSetting validation rules
  • Training topicInput messages (a bad idea)
  • Training topicHighlighting validated cells
  • Training topicSingle-cell dropdown lists


  • Training topicUnlocking cells
  • Training topicProtecting worksheets
  • Training topicProtecting workbooks
  • Training topicVery hidden worksheets

Grouping and outlining

  • Training topicGrouping rows/columns
  • Training topicMoving the outline symbols

Multiple worksheets

  • Training topicMoving and copying sheets
  • Training topicGroup editing
  • Training topicConsolidation across sheets

Array formulae

  • Training topicCreating array formulae
  • Training topicEditing and deleting array formulae
  • Training topicStrengths and weaknesses

Cashflow calculations

  • Training topicAvoiding circularity
  • Training topicSeparating interest paid and received
  • Training topicDealing with compound interest rates

Investment appraisal

  • Training topicNet present value
  • Training topicInternal rate of return
  • Training topicNon-periodic cashflows

IF family of functions

  • Training topicThe IF function
  • Training topicNesting Ifs (and why not to)
  • Training topicIFS and SWITCH functions

Lookup functions

  • Training topicExact-match lookup formulae
  • Training topicContinuous value lookups
  • Training topicIntercepting and handling errors

Advanced lookup functions

  • Training topicUsing MATCH to find values
  • Training topicCombining MATCH and INDEX
  • Training topicUsing OFFSET
  • Training topicThe feared INDIRECT function


  • Training topicThe scenario drop-down tool
  • Training topicWhat-if analysis
  • Training topicCreating a scenario report

Covered if time allows If time


  • Training topicTargeting a given value
  • Training topicSetting number of iterations

Data tables

  • Training topicOne-way data tables
  • Training topicTwo-way data tables

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Sample customer feedback

"Great material. Catered to my needs. Covered additional relevant topics."

Sophie Kelly (Crowe Clark Whitehill)

"We covered extra areas so a very nice surprise. Trainer was very friendly and more importantly very helpful. Venue was excellent as was the lunch............better than receiving lunch vouchers!"

Hung Van Cat (WorldPay UK Ltd)

"An excellent course."

Stuart Calway (WorldPay UK Ltd)

"I was extremely happy with the course content (Excel 2007 Business Modelling) and learned a lot. I’m very happy with the course materials that I can take away (USB and course manual) and with the flexibility of the trainer. As I was the only person booked on to the course, I received 1:1 training at my speed and the trainer didn’t mind went I went off on a tangent! The facilities at the venue (Manchester) were great – the layout was good and tea, coffee and snacks were all readily available. The course was very well planned with lots of exercises and answers to hand – all of which I can take away and use again. All in all I’m very impressed!"

Debbie Yarrow (Braemar Group plc)

"Tutor was very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable...., made SQL interesting. Course material is very detailed and useful. Found the content really useful and something I will definitely use at work."

Vicky Murphy (Berrymans Lace Mawer (BLM))

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

Delegates should already be very comfortable with using the basics of Excel. Some financial modelling or accountancy background, while not essential, will be very useful.  This course uses Excel 2016, but will be just as useful if you're using Excel 2013, 2010 or 2007.

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