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ASP.NET webforms - C# (3 days)

£895 + VAT for most venues (£995 + VAT for London)

If you have the task of creating a website using ASP.NET (with C# as the underlying langauge), you have a fair learning curve ahead of you! We know - we went up it a fair few years ago, but can still remember the pain!

We'll teach you the rights and wrongs about master pages, themes, skins, maintaining state, gridviews, data sources and much more on this three-day course (we also run a similar course using VB instead of C#, as well as a separate ASP.NET MVC course).

Course details

  • Locations for ASP.NET webforms - C# coursesLocations:Manchester
  • Next ASP.NET webforms - C# course locationNext course:Mon 13 November 2017
  • ASP.NET webforms - C# course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

ASP.NET Basics

  • Training topicUsing Visual Studio
  • Training topicCreating ASP.NET websites

Master pages

  • Training topicCreating a master page
  • Training topicUsing master pages

Coding web pages

  • Training topicAttaching code to buttons
  • Training topicHandling postback

Covered if time allows If time

Creating properties in C#

  • Training topicRead-only and write-only
  • Training topicCreating and using properties

Covered if time allows If time

Site navigation tools

  • Training topicSite map files
  • Training topicTreeviews, menu, breadcrumbs

Passing values between pages

  • Training topicQuerystring parameters
  • Training topicSession variables / cookies
  • Training topicCross page postback

Validation controls

  • Training topicTypes of validation control
  • Training topicValidation summaries

Error trapping and handling

  • Training topicUsing Try - Catch
  • Training topicControlling error handling

Data sources and databases

  • Training topicConnection strings
  • Training topicConfiguring data sources

Basic Gridviews

  • Training topicFormatting using CSS
  • Training topicSorting and paging
  • Training topicBound and hyperlink columns

Gridview events

  • Training topicReferring to cells and rows
  • Training topicConditional formatting
  • Training topicHandling RowCommand, etc

DetailsView control

  • Training topicCreating DetailsView controls
  • Training topicFormatting using CSS
  • Training topicEditing, inserting and deleting


  • Training topicHTML tags and attributes
  • Training topicHTML windows in Visual Studio

CSS Styles and Style Sheets

  • Training topicClass, element and tag styles
  • Training topicCreating style sheets
  • Training topicStyling specific HTML tags

Themes and skins

  • Training topicPros and cons of themes
  • Training topicCreating themes and skins

Visual C# coding

  • Training topicVariables
  • Training topicConditions and loops

Maintaining state

  • Training topicViewState
  • Training topicUsing hidden literals

Covered if time allows If time

Using client script

  • Training topicSetting focus
  • Training topicRegistering client script


  • Training topicBreakpoints
  • Training topicOther debugging tools

DropDownLists and ListBoxes

  • Training topicUsing dropdowns in code
  • Training topicAutoPostBack

Multiple row controls - overview

  • Training topicRepeaters and DataLists
  • Training topicGridviews and ListViews

Editing using gridviews

  • Training topicTwo-day binding
  • Training topicTemplate columns
  • Training topicEdit, Update, Delete buttons

Covered if time allows If time

FormView controls

  • Training topicCreating FormView controls
  • Training topicComparisons with ListViews

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Sample customer feedback

"Would definitely use Wise Owl again."

Damon Smith (Servelec Aura)

"Very good, friendly, informative and flexible."

Will Dias (Gateway 6th Form College)

"A very good course with plenty of time for breaks and to ask questions."

Peter Thomas (Control Specialists Ltd)

"Excellent trainer and comprehensive materials, highly recommended and look forward to coming back again. I completed the SQL, SSRS You Tube tutorials and exercises and was impressed with the clarity and useful examples used to illustrate the concepts so thought Wise Owl would be the ideal trainer for C#/ASP."

John Williams (Stoke On Trent College)

"Only having me on the course was very useful and I covered more than the advertised content which was good. I found the C# course (previously attended) to be very useful."

Paul Martin (Ashton Sixth Form College)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

You should have some experience of HTML or developing websites to attend this course. If you have some experience of relational databases and/or programming, you will find the course easier.

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