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ASP.NET MVC (4 days)

£1,195 + VAT for most venues (£1,395 + VAT for London)

You can create ASP.NET websites using either webforms (for which we run separate 3-day courses in either VB or C#) or MVC (standing for Model View Controller, the subject of this course). As a rough overview, MVC requires a higher level of programming ability, lets you get closer to the HTML of a website and is - in Wise Owl's opinion - a more productive and more enjoyable development environment than standard ASP.NET webforms. However, the learning curve is also longer!

On this four-day course, you'll learn about views, models, controllers and routers; you'll learn how to use the entity data framework, and access data using LINQ; and you'll learn a fair bit about C# classes. Note that the course doesn't cover website security.

There is no VB equivalent of this course, because we've reluctantly concluded that C# is winning the programming wars, but if you are a VB guru you'll find it easy to adjust to the semi-colons and case-sensitivity of C#!

We don't have any dates scheduled for this course, but we may well consider adding them - it's always worth asking  (or consider an onsite ASP.NET training course).

Course Contents

Getting started with MVC

  • Training topicMVC, .NET and VS versions
  • Training topicMVC versus webforms
  • Training topicHow MVC works


  • Training topicParsing URLs
  • Training topicControllers, actions, parameters
  • Training topicThe importance of order


  • Training topicDefault naming conventions
  • Training topicPossible action results
  • Training topicCoding controllers

Views and Razor

  • Training topicCreating simple views
  • Training topicThe RAZOR language
  • Training topicMixing HTML and code

Views and models

  • Training topicBasing views on models
  • Training topicStrongly-typed views
  • Training topicUsing scaffolding
  • Training topicLooping over items

Revision of classes

  • Training topicProperties and methods
  • Training topicNamespaces
  • Training topicInheritance

Database access methods

  • Training topicCode-first databases
  • Training topicModel first classes
  • Training topicDatabase first classes

Entity data framework

  • Training topicCreating an entity model
  • Training topicUpdating models
  • Training topicUsing generated code
  • Training topicThings to watch out for

Extending entity models

  • Training topicPartial classes
  • Training topicUsing annotations

Basic LINQ

  • Training topicSelecting data
  • Training topicOrdering data
  • Training topicUsing criteria

Returning LINQ data

  • Training topicReturning lists
  • Training topicSkipping and taking data
  • Training topicAnonymous classes

Advanced LINQ

  • Training topicJoining tables
  • Training topicHow grouping works
  • Training topicChanging data via LINQ

View models

  • Training topicView models as classes
  • Training topicCreating view models

Reusing views

  • Training topicShared payouts
  • Training topicPartial layouts

Configuring and deployment

  • Training topicUsing web.config
  • Training topicBundling CSS and JavaScript
  • Training topicDeploying websites

Covered if time allows If time

Using SASS

  • Training topicWhat is SASS?
  • Training topicCSS and SASS
  • Training topicInstalling Compass
  • Training topicWeb workbench

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Sample customer feedback

"I was very pleased with the course, the content, the exercises, the instructor. We had a very good instructor who took the time to explain everything in detail to each one of us in a professionally and friendly way. I have already recommended your services to my colleagues. "

Marie Poujardieu (ista Energy Solutions)

"Very thorough. I appreciate the trainers attention to my level of SQL and also his understanding. The material has been wonderful."

Madeline McPherson (Madeline McPherson-Robb (Consultant))

"The course (Excel Advanced) has been extremely useful and very well presented. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering further learning."

Mark Dickinson (Brother UK)

"I wish I had come on this course much sooner. I have attended something similar but no where near as fruitful. The trainer and location were great - I will be recommending."

Cassie Reilly (Biochemical Society)

"Another very positive experience. Once again, having used PowerPoint for many years, today I have learnt many new tips and tricks that will help me greatly - both to save time and to help improve the quality of my presentations."

Paul Gower (Rogers UK Limited)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

You must know how to program in C# to attend this course (you don't need to be a guru, but you do need to be comfortable, and you need to have a good understanding of classes). Attending our two-day Introduction to C# course is a good way to ensure that you meet this requirement. The other pre-requisite for this course is that you should know HTML. You don't have to have used ASP.NET webforms to attend our MVC course.

The course uses MVC 4, .NET 4.5 Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012, but it's not particularly version-specific, and you'll find the learning useful whatever version of software you have back in your office.  If you're in any doubt about this, ask!

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