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Creating views in T-SQL or in the view designer

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 December 2012 | no comments
Views are queries that you can save and reuse; but you can also use them as a basis for further queries. They do have their foibles too, as this blog explores.
Tags:   SQL / Views

Use the GROUP BY clause in SQL for statistics

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 December 2012 | no comments
If you want to average, count, sum or perform any other statistic on values in SQL, you need to learn the GROUP BY and HAVING parts of a SQL statement. That's where this online tutorial comes in!
Tags:   SQL / Grouping

How to do calculations and expressions in T-SQL

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 December 2012 | no comments
You can use SQL to do everything from simple arithmetic through to complicated functions - this blog gives you the low-down!
Tags:   SQL / Calculations

Creating computed columns in SQL tables

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 December 2012 | no comments
This short blog explains how you can create calculated formulae for fields in an SQL table (known as "computed columns").
Tags:   SQL / Tables and columns

Writing inner joins and outer joins in SQL

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 November 2012 | no comments
An in-depth SQL tutorial on how to create inner joins, left outer joins, right outer joins, full outer joins, cross joins and self-joins!
Tags:   SQL / Joins

SQL Server - create databases, tables and relationships

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 November 2012 | no comments
A guide to how to create databases in SQL Server Management Studio, including creating tables, indexing columns and using database diagrams to create relationships between tables.
Tags:   SQL / Tables and columns

Setting SQL criteria using the WHERE clause

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 November 2012 | no comments
If you don't want to see a full set of records from a table in SQL, you can use a WHERE statement to filter out unwanted rows, as shown in this blog.
Tags:   SQL / WHERE criteria

KB2716442 SQL Server 2012 Windows Update fails

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 November 2012 | no comments
One idea for what to do if you continually get one Windows Update appearing when you shut down your computer.
Tags:   Musings / Random musings
You can use VBA to talk to Internet Explorer, providing that you understand the structure of the web page you're talking to. This blog shows how to do this!
Tags:   Excel / Excel Visual Basic   |   VBA macros / References

Rounding numbers in Excel

Posted by Michael Allsop on 23 October 2012 | no comments
Up, down, ceiling, floor or multiples… and you thought rounding numbers was simple!
Tags:   Excel / Excel functions

Online training on user controls in ASP.NET

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 October 2012 | 1 comment
User controls are the key to using ASP.NET effectively - this blog explains how and why to create and use user controls, with code examples for VB and C#.

Why is raising event from C# User Controls so hard?

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 October 2012 | no comments
Raising events from user controls is straightforward in VB; this blog asks why it should be so much harder using C#.

Generate the database used by the ASP.NET training blog

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 October 2012 | no comments
This mini-blog provides a means to generate the database used by our online ASP.NET tutorial.
Tags:   ASP.NET webforms / General   |   SQL / General
There is a range of techniques for remembering information in ASP.NET across pages and even sessions, including session variables, cookies, query string parameters and crosspage postback. This blog explains how to use each of these techniques, together with the pros and cons of each.

Using ViewState to remember form values in ASP.NET

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 October 2012 | no comments
When you submit an ASP.NET form, how can you remember what was on it? Answer: using the ViewState bag.

Using SELECT INTO and INSERT to insert SQL rows

Posted by Andy Brown on 12 October 2012 | no comments
There are various ways to insert data into new or existing tables in T-SQL - this blog gives examples of each.
Tags:   SQL / Tables and columns

Using T-SQL to create tables programmatically

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 October 2012 | 1 comment
SQL doesn’t just select data; you can also use it to create tables and link them together with relationships. This blog shows you how!
Tags:   SQL / Tables and columns

T-SQL data types - int, float, decimal, varchar, etc.

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 October 2012 | no comments
Whether you're creating tables in SQL Server, using SQL variables or passing parameters to stored procedures, you'll need to understand what the possible data types that you can use are.
Tags:   SQL / Tables and columns

Prevent Reporting Services from caching data

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 October 2012 | 1 comment
By default SSRS will create files with extension to cache data. This blog gives two and a half ways to ensure you're always seeing the latest data in a report.
Tags:   SSRS / General

IE compatibility view stops embedded videos running

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 October 2012 | no comments
If you're trying to run a YouTube video within a website and nothing happens, maybe you're using compatibility view in Internet Explorer?
Tags:   SEO / General musings
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