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Ever had the feeling that you're missing something obvious? This blog highlights one particular chart option that you may well have overlooked.
Tags:   Excel / Charts

Rounding numbers in Excel

Posted by Michael Allsop on 23 October 2012 | no comments
Up, down, ceiling, floor or multiples… and you thought rounding numbers was simple!
Tags:   Excel / Excel functions

Highlighting negative columns in Excel charts

Posted by Michael Allsop on 01 October 2012 | no comments
Ever wondered if you can make negative columns automatically turn red in an Excel chart? Well now you can in Excel 2010!
Tags:   Excel / Charts

Importing Bank Holidays into the Outlook Calendar

Posted by Michael Allsop on 03 January 2012 | no comments
A quick guide to adding public holidays to the Calendar in Outlook 2010.
Tags:   Outlook / General topics
This article looks at one of the new features in Conditional Formatting in Excel 2007/2010 which we can use to make our boring lists more interesting!
Tags:   Excel / Formatting
Following on from the article discussing simple conditional formatting in Excel, this blog shows you how to add Data Bars to your lists for that extra bit of pazazz!
Tags:   Excel / Formatting

How to apply Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel

Posted by Michael Allsop on 19 October 2011 | no comments
This short article looks at the basic settings for creating conditional formatting rules in Excel.
Tags:   Excel / Formatting

Creating animation triggers in PowerPoint

Posted by Michael Allsop on 27 July 2011 | no comments
PowerPoint isn't all about naff transitions and clichéd effects - add a touch of class to your presentation with some bespoke animation triggers!
Tags:   PowerPoint / Interactive

Compressing pictures in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Posted by Michael Allsop on 01 July 2011 | no comments
Do your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations contain lots of pictures? Are the files taking up a lot of space and refuse to email? This short blog shows you how to compress your pictures and save lots of space, and headaches!

Baseline Taskbar bug in Microsoft Project 2010

Posted by Michael Allsop on 01 July 2011 | 1 comment
Have your Baseline Taskbars ever disappeared when using the Tracking Gantt view in Microsoft Project 2010? If so, this short blog explains why!

Using sheet codenames in Microsoft Excel VBA

Posted by Michael Allsop on 01 June 2011 | 2 comments
Do your macros keep falling over due to users renaming their worksheets in Excel? Read this article to find out if sheet codenames could be the solution you need.

Shortcuts for changing Project 2010 task types

Posted by Michael Allsop on 31 May 2011 | no comments
Fed up with hunting around on the ribbon for commands? This article shows you a quick way of changing task types in Project 2010.

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