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Dynamic SQL - No, No, No!

Posted by David Wakefield on 02 July 2012 | no comments
Dynamic SQL should only be used as a last resort. This article gives you a tip for avoiding the use of dynamic SQL in WHERE clauses
Tags:   SQL / Selecting data   |   SQL / WHERE criteria   |   SQL / Dynamic SQL

Link SQL Views to MS Access using VBA

Posted by David Wakefield on 26 June 2012 | no comments
How to link SQL Views and Tables to MS Access using VBA without getting the annoying Unique Record Identifier pop up.
Tags:   SQL / Views   |   Access / Importing and linking
Adding a first or default item to a list control which gets its data from a table can be tricky. This blog gives an elegant solution using UNION queries, which works equally well for ASP.NET dropdown controls, Windows Forms dropdowns or Access combo boxes.

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